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Who We Are

Visionary Electronics designs and manufactures data acquisition & control equipment primarily for the electric power utility industry.  Our products incorporate many unique features that provide our customers with tools that are both powerful in their application and easy to configure and use.

Our customer list includes Southern California Edison, First Energy Corporation, Black Hills Energy, Corn Belt Power Coop, MidAmerican Energy, Southern Illinois Power Coop, Alliant Energy, Sand Mountain Electric Coop, Baltimore Gas & Electric, WE Energies, IBM, Sprint, RCA, and Western Union among many others.

Our Philosophy

We have always strived to bring time tested values of integrity and hard work to the fast-paced high tech industries we serve.  We work with our customers to make sure they get exactly what they want.  We even make firmware changes and email them to customers, sometimes on the same day the change is requested.  We are not happy until the product is working as desired and the customer is completely satisfied.

Our History

Originally started in 1974, we have grown along with the personal computer industry.  One of our earliest products allowed customers to send and receive Telexes from their PC.  Another product from this time allowed telephone companies to monitor PBX systems at large customers’ sites so they could detect problems early and take action to fix them.  In the early 90’s we entered the data acquisition and control market serving the electric power industry and we have concentrated on offering products for this industry ever since.

Our Products

We have had extensive experience on working with many of the communication protocols that are used in the electric power industry.  We have been successful in developing products that work with them and that work from one protocol to another.  See products and applications for more details.

Our products have been proven to be reliable in harsh environments.  One of our first Remote Terminal Units was installed in Death Valley, California in 1995 where the temperature can go above 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is still working perfectly.

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