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For SMDR/CDR Call Records
The 28.8XT is a pollable call accounting storage device that can store up to 16 megabytes of PBX call record data at remote sites for periodic retrieval. It can also be used for alarm monitoring and event reporting and is compatible with most PBX telephone systems. Additional features include:

  • The ability to record SMDR/CDR data from any PBX system that transmits through a standard RS-232 serial port. This data can then be downloaded from a remote location.
  • User definable alarm conditions (unique text strings or contact closures) that will trigger a call-in to a PBX service center.
  • A built-in scripting language that allows it to be programmed to respond to error conditions in the field without human intervention.
  • Optional full battery back-up that allows the 28.8XT to be fully operational during power outages.
  • Up to 4 external ports that enable the user to access 4 different serial devices from a remote location.
  • Password protection with and without callback to permit the tightest possible control over access to your data.
  • An internal clock/calendar that permits time-stamping of data or periodic call ins to download data.
  • Audible and visible alarms to warn local personnel if its memory is getting full.
  • Remote PBX programming with a direct terminal data pass-through mode.
  • V.42 & MNP 2-4 error correction and V.42bis & MNP 10 data compression that allow effective throughput up to 33.6k baud.

The City of Huntington Beach, Wells Fargo Bank, and others are using the 28.8XT to store PBX call records at remote sites. Sprint, IBM Corporation and others use custom-programmed 28.8XTs to read status information at remote sites and report alarm conditions to central monitoring facilities.

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